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"Dago'te" Welcome

While we remain committed to providing you with on-line service and connectivity with our department; we are currently updating our website to bring you the best experience we can provide. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and offer that you contact our Administration or any of our stations to have your questions answered. Thank you for your patience, we will be back shortly!




Our Mission (2014-2019)

The mission of the WMAFR is to reduce the number of fires and injuries on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation; to be a safe, Native first, professional, well trained, and financially responsible all risk emergency responder; and to promote and advocate for a safe community. Our mission will be accomplished through self discipline, proactive leadership, resourcefulness and community interaction.


Our Vision (2014-2019)

The WMAFR Family will provide safe, community based, emergency, and prevention services. Our organization will be supported by an experienced, responsible, financially innovative, and motivated staff. This will be achieved through progressive training, cutting edge technology, teamwork, and dedicated leadership.


Our Guiding Principles (2014-2019)

It is the responsibility of each of our members to support the mission and vision by subscribing to the following values and ideals.


Make safety a way of life.

Build partnerships to enhance our effectiveness.

Create opportunities for personal growth.

Never quit pushing ourselves and other to be better.

Be financially responsible in our everday practices.

Have ownership and pride by taking care of what we have.

Be progressive in knowledge and technology.

Build a culture that promotes the fire service as a life long career and retains its experienced members.

Pass on experience and knowledge to others.

Live a healthy life in every possible way.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to visit or give us a call.


Featured News and Announcements
Featured News and Announcements