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In 2004, the WMA Fire & Rescue Department held its first in-house Fire Academy. The Fire Academy was presented twice a week for a college semester. A subsequent class in 2005 was conducted in the same format.

The two academies' had shown their benefits and pitfalls. One major benefit of the weekend academy is that it provided the students with more time to review, study and be at home. A major pitfall was that alot of the materials could not be covered, hands-on training was very limited due to the contact hours and the fire station environment was non-existent.

In 2007, it was convened that another Fire Academy be conducted but in a military style environment, in which students would have to reside at the academy. The syllabus was revamped to adjust for the environment and to improve the number of contact hours needed to ensure students received the cognitive and manipulative skills required of NFPA 1001 - Standard for Firefighter Professional Qualifications.

Class 07-03 was the inaugural class under the new program. Class 07-03's academy was presented in a 4 month long Monday thru Thursday (with some Fridays) program. The Fire Academy consisted of over 350 hours of classroom and hands-on field training and was structured to meet and exceed the requirements of NFPA 1001 - Standard for Firefighter Professional Qualifications, including the meeting of the Hazardous Materials and Medical First Responder requirements.

After successful completion of the Fire Academy, students received college credits through Northland Pioneer College, and were eligible to test with the State of Arizona for their Firefighter I & II certification with IFSAC Accreditation.

You are welcome to look at a few of our academy pictures and academy highlight videos. If you are interested in attending our academy, click on the training link to find out when we will be conducting our next academy and the requirements to attend.

Fire Academy Class 07-03

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