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How To Become A WMAT Firefighter

Why do people choose to make firefighting a career? Probably the biggest reason is the satisfaction that comes from helping others. Firefighters face new challenges every day they put on the uniform. A career with the WMA Fire & Rescue Department involves; continual study and training, fighting fires, providing emergency medical service, fire safety inspections, fire safety education, physical fitness training, and many other responsibilities.

To be eligible to become a firefighter you must:

  1. Be at least 18 years old.
  2. Be a US citizen.
  3. Be a high school graduate or possess a GED equivalent certificate.
  4. Have a 9th Grade reading level.
  5. Be of good moral character.
  6. Hold a valid Arizona Driver's License, be able to obtain a Class B license upon employment, and have a good driving record.
  7. Be able to work variable hours/days, including holidays.
  8. Successfully pass the pre-employment process including: written exam, oral interview(s), background check, criminal record check, driving record check, and drug testing.
  9. Employment is contingent upon satisfactory completion of a physical exam, physical performance evaluation, and pack-test.

What Do WMAT Firefighter's Do?

Essential job functions include performing firefighting and life rescue that involve: responding to fires, person(s) trapped, hazardous materials incidents, explosions, medical emergencies, and other emergencies. Some of the other job functions include: making injury prevention and fire safety prevention presentations, pre-planning, fire code enforcement, familiarization with maps and streets, servicing fire hydrants, assisting with fire cause determination, recognizing and preserving evidence of arson, testing fire hose, maintenance of fire station and equipment, etc.

What Are The Benefits?

The White Mountain Apache Tribe provides excellent employee benefits and services to all employees employed for 91 days or more. Some of the employee benefits and services are:

  • Annual Leave - accrue 4 hours each two week pay period
  • Holidays
  • Health Insurance
  • WMAT Public Safety Pension
  • Merit pay increases are recognized through individual effort and measured by the employee's Annual Performance Evaluation as approved by the Fire Chief and Human Resource Department.

How To Apply?

Visit the White Mountain Apache Tribe's web site for Current Employment Opportunities, including available Firefighter positions, or call the Job Hotline at (928) 338-4346, extension 2432. Applications are accepted at the WMAT Personnel Department, PO BOX 700, Whiteriver, AZ 85941 until positions are filled.

You may also stop by one of the three fire stations for a Recruitment Handbook and an application for part-time firefighter positions.

Paid On Call Firefighters Needed.

We are always recruiting new members to become paid on call (POC) firefighters. A POC firefighter is a part-time firefighter that responds to emergencies along with the fulltime firefighters. They are also encouraged to help the fire department with any special events. A POC firefighter is presently compensated $25 for every two hours for the calls he/she makes. POC firefighters may be unemployed or have their primary employment in another field.

The only difference between a career firefighter and a POC firefighter is the work hours and salary. The career firefighters work a set schedule with an hourly salary, making firefighting their primary employment. POC firefighters are part-time employees who respond as needed. If they are certified firefighters, they are also eligible to cover shifts for the fulltime firefighters when they are on leave or away on training. Both POC and career firefighters are trained equally and work together in all areas of the fire service.

POC firefighters join the fire department to contribute to the community and learn new skills. They often have the opportunity to help save lives and property and to be part of a great team. Many want to become fulltime career firefighters, and as such are honing their skills while waiting for a full time position. The POC program is an efficient method used to increase staffing and provide elevated levels of service.

Click here to download the POC application packet.